Conference Sponsor & Exhibitor

Your tax-deductible monthly gift will give our advocates the support they need to make our community more inclusive for all. Your donations help our advocates travel to the Capitol, teach others about self-advocacy, and be more active members of the community while making changes that matter!

Your tax-deductible gift will help us reach more people with disabilities who could benefit from self-advocacy training. Our self-advocates speak up for themselves and fight for equal rights and more inclusive communities. Become a part of our movement by supporting a self advocate’s voice today!

Our annual conference, held in August, brings out more than 500 attendees a year from the disability advocacy community. Trainings are presented for self-advocates by self-advocates to give people with disabilities the tools to make positive change in their own lives as well as their communities. Become a partĀ of one of the biggest social occasions and empowerment opportunities for Texans with disabilities this year!