What is a self advocacy group?

Self Advocacy Groups are groups of people with disabilities who get together and talk about what’s important to them. Members of self advocacy groups speak out for themselves and others. They attend conferences and talk to other people with disabilities about things like: voting, self advocacy, self determination, employment, and housing. They visit the Capitol and educate people about what’s important to them. Members of self advocacy groups support each other in living the life they want to live. They have fun together!

Successful Self Advocacy Part I
Successful Self Advocacy Part II

Who is Texas Advocates?

Texas Advocates has 20 local chapters across the state and a board of directors that is made up of representatives from each chapter. The board meets in Austin 2 times, at the annual state conference and conducts 5 regional meetings each year.

Texas Advocate Board members and other Texas Advocate members visit their legislators, attend Capitol Day, meet with State Agency representatives and sit on statewide committees and taskforces including the Disability Policy Consortium.

Texas Advocates provides training to its members on self advocacy, self determination, person-directed planning, and self advocacy organizations.

Local Texas Advocate Chapters provide training, participate in community service activities, conduct fundraisers and participate in local public policy issues.

Texas Advocates speaks out for Texans with disabilities.

Texas Advocates Bylaws Updated 2008