Texas Advocates is run by and for Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We fight to stop unfair treatment & advocate for better services so people with disabilities to be included in their communities. People with disabilities can embrace life and advocate for their rights and interests by making their own decisions and choosing services and supports that allow them to live the way they want to live.

Community AccessAll people with intellectual and developmental disabilities should have a chance to live full and happy lives in their communities of choice. All people with intellectual and developmental disabilities should have the proper support to live & be included in their communities.

  • Reduction in Waiting Lists for community-based services
  • Increase access and funding for community-based IDD services
  • Rebalance funding between SSLC’s and community-based IDD services

Fair Employment: We want to work in the real world for equal pay. People should be encouraged and supported to work in the community instead of going to day habilitation centers or sheltered workshops. Sheltered workshops do not provide proper training to transition into other jobs and the wages don’t pay our bills. We can work alongside everyone else. We want to find jobs that highlight our strengths and talents.

  • Stop subsidizing 14C sub-minimum wage programs
  • Support better job training and job coaches

Transportation: Transportation is a key factor to ensure we have the chance to live happy productive lives in our communities. We need better, more accessible transportation options.

  • Support a budget that adequately funds public, accessible transportation

Dental Services: There are 250,000-300,000 adults in Medicaid who receive little to no dental services. Texas offers emergency-only dental coverage for adults in Medicaid. Preventative dentistry is partially covered within the 1915c waivers, but not covered for people with disabilities who wait years on waiver waiting lists or who receive Community First Choice and non-waiver community care programs. ALL Texans on Medicaid should have basic community-based access to preventative dental services so their quality of life and their state of health is protected.

  • Support legislation that provides dental benefits for all Texans with disabilities in Medicaid