Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Texas Advocates?
  • Texas Advocates is the only statewide self advocacy organization run by and for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or IDD.  (What makes Texas advocates unique!)

  • Our mission is to “ fight to stop unfair treatment and advocate for more and better services and supports for people with disabilities to be included in their communities.”

  • We have around 15 chapters and 450 members across the state.

    • Each chapter has its own representative on our board of directors

    • Board members are part of different committees, such as conference committee, finance committee and legislative committee. This way its Texans with IDD telling staff what they want and need, not the other way around. 

What Disability Issues & Topics Are Important to Texas Advocates?
  • Access to Home and Community Based Services; Medicaid Waivers
  • Affordable Housing
  • Competitive and Integrated Employment
  • Voting
  • Recreation
  • Alternative to guardianship/supported decision making 
What Opportunities and Support Does the Organization Offer Self-Advocates?

We have a variety of programs and opportunities, including:

  • Training opportunities and support/information sharing on issues important to members, such as:

  • What is self advocacy?

  • Voting

  • Alternative to guardianship, like supported decision making 

  • A leadership training program, called LEAD

  • LEAD is a new program that trains a small group of adult self advocates to be active leaders in their community and support Chapter growth. 

  • Graduates may use their leadership skills to be on a local or statewide board or committee; be a better board member for their local chapter; or other ways that fit the individual's strengths (Strength based, not about fitting in a box)

  • The first cohort of trainees will be in Beaumont. We are working with our Southeast Texas SelfAdvocate Chapter.

  • We offer training and support on advocacy so 

  • Members can educate their local elected officials on issues that affect or impact Texans with IDD.

  • Annual conference hosted in different cities around Texas, this year will be at Kalahari in Round Rock on August 23rd .

  • Conference consists of around 18 different workshops on topics, mostly led by self advocates,  important to Texans with IDD

  • In addition to education, conference focuses on socialization and connecting with peers

  • This year the theme is, “Creating Our Future”

  • Our local chapters offer different opportunities and supports based on their local needs and wants

  • 11 of our Chapters offer book clubs

  • Book clubs are about “reading to learn, not learning to read” so individuals do not have to be able to read in the typical manner. Individuals may participate however they feel most comfortable, including echo reading.