What is Texas Advocates?

Texas Advocates is:

      • The largest statewide self-advocacy organization in Texas
      • Run by and for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)
      • 450 (And counting) members
      • 15 Chapters across Texas

“Texas Advocates brings people from all different walks of life who come together to make a difference for Texans with IDD.” 

- Brooke Hohfeld, Executive Director of Texas Advocates

Local Chapters:

Self Advocacy Groups, like Texas Advocates and the Local Texas Chapters, are groups of people with disabilities who get together and talk about what’s important to them. Members of self advocacy groups speak out for themselves and others. They attend conferences and talk to other people with disabilities about things like: voting, self advocacy, self determination, employment, and housing. They visit the Capitol and educate people about what’s important to them. Members of self advocacy groups support each other in living the life they want to live. They have fun together!

Find Your Chapter Now!

By Joining a Local Chapter You Can...

          •    Meet monthly in peer led groups      
          •    Have a seat on the Board of Directors of Texas Advocates
          •    Have advisor(s) that support and empower members
          •    Host various Activities Led by the Members:
            • Participate in the community
            • Community service
            • Advocacy opportunities
            • Opportunity to make friends
            • And More…